A quick tutorial by Colleen Nicholson of Kelview Dobermans to help you successfully post your Doberman's ears! 

An excellent video demonstrating how to judge a Doberman Pinscher, and a great reminder of what the breed standard is. Featuring Kelview's Tia as the dog for judge exam and Kelview's Rush as the example of a perfect mouth!

Tia/Target puppies, 6 weeks old

Zulu passes the WAE (Working Aptitude Evaluation)

River's first leg AKC Beginner Novice
Cavalier Doberman Pinscher Club  |  November 6, 2016  |  Score 192.5  |  2nd Place, High In Trial Doberman

Our boy Zulu the Doberman's Valentine's Day Kissing Booth

"Sorry Santa... I was hungry" -Zulu

Tia winning the 2015 Canadian Doberman National!

Rush rocking the lure course. She goes CRAZY for it! Have you tried lure coursing with your Dobe?

Kelview Dobermans throwback! Old video of my daughter, Taylor, with our dobes back in 1995. Kelview has been breeding family-friendly dobermans for decades.

Kelview Doberman's Tia and Gemmi gave a special performance at our family's annual Christmas talent show! They won the award for "Most Creative".

Zulu confirms... Own a Doberman, never pee alone again!

Zulu celebrated his 1st birthday with a yummy meatloaf!

4 week old puppies from a previous Kelview litter.